Friday, February 1, 2013


Dear Friends,
I would like to invite you to the "Love Break" on Wednesday 13th March - this comes with lots of notice, so please mark your diaries and keep it free. I
suggest that for this one week that we cancel our Bible study session on Thursday 14th March and attend the "love break" on the Wednesday instead.......
Love Break: Just as we have coffee breaks and weekend breaks - so this will be a "love break" a time to immerse yourself in the love of God. The teaching,
reflection, discussion and prayer will look at Jesus' greatest commandments to "Love God and Love your Neighbour as Yourself".
Programme: The day is divided into 4 sessions and will run from 9.30am until 3.30pm (though we will break at 2.30 for those needing to get home to collect
children.) We expect the day to help you deepen your love of God and to be fun, too! Please bring your own packed lunch - we will supply drinks and snacks.
Tina Etherington and Mary Styles will be leading the day.
Venue: All Saints' Church, Via del Babuino 153 - nearest metro Spagna or Flaminia. We will use the large St Thomas room in the crypt for most of the sessions
and gather in the church itself for worship in the middle of the day.
Cost: There is no charge for the day but there will be an opportunity to make a donation to a charity that demonstrates love for our neighbour.
Please pass this information on to anyone who might be interested in attending and please let me know if you would like to attend yourself (it is helpful
for us to have some idea of numbers for our preparation.)
With thanks and love,
333 2945 210
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