Tuesday, January 10, 2012


How about a new year's resolution to get back into following in Jesus' footsteps - we'd love to see you even if you haven't been before or haven't been
for ages, you are always welcome.
Advance notice for the following weekend which is in the "week of prayer for Christian unity" a world-wide initiative where all the churches make a point
of trying to work and worship together. Footsteps is a member of the "Churches Together in Rome" group which has repesentatives of all the main denominations
that worship here in Rome in English (and also some German and Scandanavian churches) - we have our once a year joint worship on Sunday 22nd January at
6.30pm - this year it will be at the Methodist church opposite Ponte Sant'Angelo (let me know if you need directions). The new Methodist minister, Ken
Howcroft will be leading the service with Dr Donna Orsuto preaching (she should be excellent). It would be great to have a good showing from Footsteps.
If you would like to sing in the impromptu choir - just to help lead the hymns - arrive at 5.30 to practice.
Don't forget we continue with our Thursday morning Bible study - we now have a thriving, exciting group - all welcome even if you know nothing about the
Bible - it's suitable for all levels - even if you are not sure about your faith and just want to find out a bit more - maybe another new year's resolution......??
(This week, 12th, at my house at 9.15.)
I do hope you can make it on Sunday....
With love,
06 3089 3194

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